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www.online.citi.com – How to Activate Citibank Card? The Citibank Card Activation handle isn’t time-consuming but it’s straightforward and easy to feature a part of the benefits who having a Citibank card. It benefits you in a few ways which include cashback, additional credit focuses, and free endowments. The foremost clear good thing about Citibank activate card is simply can effortlessly buy or make installments without having cash in your take.

How to Activate Citibank Card


Citibank is the customer division of financial administration multinational Citigroup. Citibank was established in 1812 as the City Bank of New York and afterward got to be First National City Bank of New York.

Activating Citi Credit and Debit Card offers clients a bounty of rewards and advantages compared to executing in cash. Compensate Points, Cashback, Extraordinary Rebates, No-Cost EMIs, etc. are focal points you’ll appreciate once you have a CitiBank Credit or Debit Cards.

Requirements for Citibank Card Activation

  • An account in Citibank Online Banking is a must in case clients are activating the card online.
  • A related phone number with the bank account in the event that you wished to activate the card through the mobile phone.
  • Citibank Card.
  • Card Number.
  • Social Security number.
  • Individual details.

How to Activate Citibank Card?

On the off chance that you have got freshly received your credit card or debit card either in hand or within the mail at that point, you may require to continue with the Citibank Card Activation sometime recently utilizing it. You’ll actuate a Citibank debit/credit card with the taking after strategies

  • Citibank Card Activation by Online
  • Citibank Card Activation By SMS
  • Citibank Card Activation by Phone.
  • Citibank Card Activation By Citi Mobile App

Citibank Card Activation by Online

  • Fist user has to visit the Citibank official site at citibank.com.vn
  • Now clients have to enter their ID and Password into the given empty field.
  • Next please, select “Services/My profile”.
  • At the final, press on the “Card activation” button and select your card name for activation.
  • They will give you Confirmation :

CitiBank will send you a notice by means of mail or SMS.

Card status is straight away modified on your Citibank online.

Citibank Card Activation By Phone  

If in case you don’t verify the Citibank card online banking framework at that point you’ve got to call the Citibank client care service number at 1860 210 2484

citibank credit card bill payment

  • First dial Citibank client care service number: 1860 210 2484.
  • Listen to sound instructions, and please take the steps for Citibank card activation.
  • Enter card detail and individual details.
  • Agree with the Citibank Card Administrations Terms & Conditions.
  • Your Citibank Card activates before long and appreciates it.

Citibank Card Activation by SMS

If you need to activate your Citibank Debit Card or Credit Card by means of SMS, you’ll be able if it’s not too much trouble to take the steps below.

  • Using your mobile number, you may require to send an activation SMS to Citibank.
  • The message merely will require to send using your mobile number is – ACT <Final 4 Digits of your Credit or Debit Card Number>
  • Once you have got created the messages on your mobile, you may require to send it to 6058.
  • After you have got sent the message from your phone, you’ll get a message from Citi Bank immediately on your phone number, informing you that your CitiBank Debit card or Citi Bank Credit has been effectively activated.

Guarantee that the phone number from which you send the message for activating your Citi Bank Credit Card or Debit Card is enlisted with the Citi Bank account for which you’re enacting the card.

It is to be remembered that this strategy of activating your Citi Bank Credit or Debit Card is only appropriate within the nation where the account is registered.

Citibank Card Activation By Citi Mobile App

If you need to activate your Citibank Debit Card or Credit Card by means of the Citi Mobile App, you’ll have to take the steps given below.

  • You can effectively download and log in to Citi Mobile to enact your Debit or Credit Card anytime.
  • Please tap citibank.com.vn/ download to download the Citi Mobile app.
  • After downloading the Citi Mobile App from your relevant app store, you may dispatch it on your phone and log in utilizing your Citi Mobile login credentials.
  • As you may log in to your Citi Mobile app, Citi Bank will send a notice by means of e-mail or SMS.
  • The status of your Citibank card will be changed immediately on your Citi Mobile app.

Citibank Contact Details :

Citibank Phone Number:- Call 1-860-210-2484

Citibank Headquarters:- New York City, New York, United States

Website:  www.online.citi.com

About Citibank

citi bank cashback card

Citi bank is known for its fast banking administration. Citi bank is established in 1812 for Keeping money administration. Their central station is found in New York City, New York and you know that Citi bank’s Branches have their area in numerous places.

It serves the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, And Canada. Citi bank serves 2649 Branches. These days, Citibank Organization handles numerous Branches around the world. and the most central is the allow quality administrations to their clients. Presently, The current CEO of Citi bank is Michael Corbat Who takes the duties to form more income.

The income of Citibank is in the billions. As we know Citi bank is the speediest development managing an account gather within the world. Citi bank has backups Citibank Argentina, Citibank China, Citibank Malaysia, Citibank Uganda, and numerous more. Typically a few special points of interest approximately Citi bank.


 Citibank Financial administrations company, Citibank multinational administrations, New York, United States. Citibank Debit Card clients will discover it simple in Citibank Debit Card Activation prepare and we are beyond any doubt that clients will be able to Activate Citibank Card in a fast time here. www.online.citi.com

After completion of the CitiBank Credit Card or Debit Card activation handle, It would be ideal if you sign the back side of your CitiBank card to avoid your character from fraud and it would be ideal if you get your CitiBank Credit Card or Debit Card for verification reason. It would be ideal if you don’t share your private data with others.

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